Use of potential immobilized enzymes for the modification of liquid foods in the food industry.

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  • 22 junio 2023
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Garcia-Quinto, E.; Aranda-Cañada, R.; García-García, P.; Fernández-Lorente, G. (2023)Processes, 11(6), 1840.

ABSTRACT: Enzymes are complex proteins that carry out biochemical reactions. Apart from being necessary for life, they are used in numerous industrial processes, especially in the textile, pharmaceutical, food and chemical sectors. One of the longest-lived industries regarding the use of enzymes is the food industry. Enzymes have always been used, mainly in their free form, to obtain new products and to improve the organoleptic qualities in different industries, such as in dairy, fruit and vegetables, and beverages. However, today, immobilized enzymes are the focus of attention in the liquid food industry, as they offer numerous advantages, such as stabilization and reuse, which enable cost reduction.